What The Hell Is A Brazing Machine?

So I think I want to write. But that’s a bit vague, so there is still work to do. I took an online career fit test today. 500 questions. I laid my soul bare with every click. Poking and prodding into my every tendancy and inclination, my every emotion and mood. Good, right? Maybe they’re really getting at something.

So in general the results are that I need work that is creative. Good enough. Then you click to find your top 3 appropriate jobs: 1. Medical Laboratory Technician. 2. Welding, Soldering or Brazing Machine Operator. 3. Conservation or environmental scientist.

What the hell? An admixture of absurdity and specificity. Another useless exercise. Yes, as a child while my friends dreamt of fighting fires and flying to the moon, I could only sit back on my elbows, chew a piece of grass and yearn for my place before a humming brazing machine. Even then I knew it may never come to pass. For when we shoot for the stars, do not we mortals often fall just short? Would the heat of the noble brazing machine melt my waxen wings?


Well, that’s why one’s got to figure things out on one’s own. The Bay Area is beginning to seem too…I don’t know. It’s so expensive. All that yearning for personal perfection, political correctness and rich people with ‘Free Tibet’ bumper stickers. It’s not that I disagree intellectually. I mean I don’t want to have to pay for Tibet either. Northern California is just so precious and too expensive to be truly bohemian. It’s nice though.

Hatbox Louie has thrown Chicago into the mix. I was living in Chicago when we met, and it was one of the happiest times of my life. Despite the fact that I was an intern who hated medicine. I just love Chicago. So much stuff going on. Vibrant. Sophisticated, talented, yet down-to-earth people. It, and Toronto, are the best places I’ve lived. It’s not cheap, but compared to The Bay Area, it seems a more reasonable place to build a new career.

I need to do a bit of research to determine if brazing machine operators are in demand there. It’s a great city, but to sacrifice a dream?

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  1. “sit back on my elbows, chew a piece of grass and yearn for my place before a humming brazing machine”

    I nearly choked on my coffee when I read that. Funny funny!

    Hey, I think you should come to Chicago. It’s much cheaper (the bay area to chitown is like nordstrom’s to dollar general) and it’s loaded with starving artists and eager, devoted writers whoring themselves out to ad agencies to fund their ‘novel’ — that will of course, one day make them famous. Because Oprah’s here, and if she’ll feature James Frey, she’ll feature anyone.

    Okay, so I haven’t quite figured all the details out yet, but Chicago’s a good place for that sort of thing.

    p.s. I’m going to call my next blog The Brazen Machine. Thanks for the idea.

  2. I do love Chicago. One thing about the Bay Area though is that I have a lot of friends out there who know people and are energetic and enthusiastic. Hard to put a price on that. So I don’t know. It’s hard to decide.

  3. I also had trouble with my coffee:) Hehehehe. You’re hilarious. I also get odd career results. What’s up with these tests?!! I have to find something, other than a residency…What a pain.

  4. Are you in a residency?

  5. After 500 questions, you get that?! Oh my, what a satisfying result. Do please let us know what in the world a brazing machine is, and how it suits the creative temperament. 😉

  6. No! Long story. I was on the wrong train, but I had to stay for one reason or the other. I went to med school in Hungary. After I got the MD, I knew I was in for a real treat. Had a nervous breakdown. Trying to figure out an appropriate path. According to the career tests, I should be in sales or theater:-) I found this site after I typed “leaving medicine” in a google search. I was abused enough in an Eastern European system. Figure it’s time to live a little…

  7. So egg, do you have any plans?

  8. Yeah I’m going back to school! Crazy–but I’ll have another breakdown if I’m forced to do residency…What about you? You’re licensed right? You probably have more options.

  9. Are you going to the SEAK Medical Fiction Writer’s Conference?

  10. Give Seattle a try Dr.Nostrum. Bay area without the bay area price tag and way more Bohemian.

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