Fourth Meal–The Ad Campaign Between Irresponsible and Pure Evil

Taco Bell. It is hard to even work up the energy to comment on this fat-lubed corporate death purveying denizen of the strip mall. It is such crap. OK. But this new ad campaign: Fourth Meal–The meal between dinner and breakfast–is so heinous and wrong, I just can’t stand it.

I don’t know the exact statistics but isn’t our country fat as hell? I think the percentage of obese Americans approaches about 99.999% in the red states. Trying to manufacture from thin air the idea that force feeding yourself a couple of lard wraps at midnight is OK–that in fact you need four square meals a day, is just the absolute height of irresponsibility.

Now I have no false illusions. Corporations only recognize responsibility to their shareholders and do the right thing or at least the not egregiously wrong thing exclusively for PR or legal reasons. But this is particularly unsubtle, and a public health affront to a country with a childhood obesity crisis.

And of course the children are the real targets. The website is all video gamey and adolescent boyish if you press male gender and girlish if you choose that portal. It is that demographic whose long-term habits these wicked chilito slingers would hope to change.

For shame! Shame on Taco Bell. And shame on all of us for allowing our society to be hijacked by immoral corporate fiends who not only would sacrifice the health and welfare of our young people to maximize short-term profit, but don’t even seem to feel the need to be subtle about it.

Fouth meal? How about Dante’s fourth circle of Hell? Feh!

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  1. Well spoken, Doctor Nostrum. Biggie Size us, wrap us in a tortilla, and spray us with fake cheez — we ‘re done.

  2. You are so right! Most people do not need another meal. Far from it. On top of that, fast food is the worst type of food (and I’m being generous with the label) for anyone to eat.

  3. One ought serve his corporate masters more dutifully than the good doctor and roll on up to a 24hr Taco Hell each night for his fourth meal. But for gods’ sake men, sleep alone and don’t foul the air under a shared blanket.

    Further we should recall the Hobbits and enjoy second breakfasts and elevensies in the morning. That would bring the daily meal total to 6 not counting cookies Power Bars and Gu.

    To quote the ancients:
    ‘Em ain capan v’ein kaviar, tnu lanu lechem v’zaitim’
    If there is no champange or caviar, give us bread and olives.

  4. I took a picture the other day of some people on a sidewalk downtown waiting for the light to change. They represented both genders and a wide range of ages and, from the looks of them, professions and lifestyles. There were about seven or eight adults in the picture. But they were ALL overweight. And this is a BLUE state!

    It’s getting so that you have to go out of your way to find someone who doesn’t need to shed a few pounds.

  5. Excellent piece — so true, well phrased, and great laughs. Nice blog, look forward to visiting again.

  6. Thanks damewigginsoflee. Cheers!

  7. Seriously though, each and every person can choose what he or she eats and at what time of day they eat. I eat breakfast, small meal at 10, lunch, snack at 3, and then dinner. And when I go out late at night I sometimes get 4th meal. I have 12% body fat and workout 4 times a week and love to eat 4th meal! I think it’s a fantastic marketing campaign. In no way is it Taco Bell’s responsibility to control what the American population consumes. Why should it be their job to watch out for mentally weak and undisciplined individuals?

  8. What I find scary and reviling about this ad campaign is not only that it attempts to actually change the way we eat by creating a new meal, but it’s attempt to create this meal is empty of cultural import: the only reason fourth meal is created is so I can go deep throat a burrito at TB (pun intended).

  9. I agree with the changes that are being made i think it’s time for some changes with the fast food industry, I have a friend of mine that toke a vacation trip to the DR at charlisangels adult vacations and he said the chef there uses low fat products in the foods, I think it’s great that people finally realize that too much fast food causes heart attack and other high risks.

  10. I seriously doubt Taco Bell was trying to invent another meal in order to push product. More likely, they were trying to put a clever spin on the fact that they stay open late.

    Fast Food doesn’t force anythign and informed consumer can make their own choices. Uninformed consumers need to crack opena book or at least a website. Stop gettin gpissed off at companies offering options.

  11. i only eat a fourth meal if i am fit shaced wasted in which case i am GLAD that taco bell is open…but yeah, it’s irresponsible…YUMMY THO!!!———-

  12. You’re making too big of a deal out of this. McDonalds is the only resturaunt that is known to the people to stay open 24/7, and Taco Bell wanted to make sure that people knew they were open at night as well which is why they started this Fourth Meal campaign. They’re not adding anything to the menu for this, they’re just saying that for any days you stay out late with your friends, Taco Bell is here to feed you. They are a fast food resturaunt and they make money by selling food, ther is nothing immoral about it. Also, eating somewhat unhealthy food is better than eating nothing at all if you do stay up late. Shame on them for preventing you from starving? Shame on you for being linear-minded.

  13. You need to get over yourself.
    There is nothing “evil” about a dang commercial, for gosh sakes.
    Commercials don’t make people fat, people make their own choices, and need to be responsible for those choices.
    Stop trying to treat everyone (except you, of course) as mindless cattle, who just blindly do whatever some stupid commercial says.

    • So, it would be okay to have ads for liquor and cigarettes during children’s programming? How about (name your chain drugstore) ads for crystal meth for the adults? Emphasize how easy it is to make at home, given the right ingredients — available at your local drugstore.

  14. […] limit the amount of time between our nation’s pure unadulterated gluttony.  Taco Bell created “Fourth Meal” to cater to the drunk and stoned Americans.  Brunch was brought into the equation as a way to […]

  15. […] limit the amount of time between our nation’s pure unadulterated gluttony.  Taco Bell created “Fourth Meal” to cater to the drunk and stoned Americans.  Brunch was brought into the equation as a way to […]

  16. Sorry, I see this ad as irresponsible. Adding a modest 500 calorie “fourth meal” just once a week will pack on an extra pound a month — so at the end of the year, you’re 12 pounds heavier. Get real — call it a late snack, or emphasize “maybe you missed dinner.” But don’t add another meal to our days, for heaven’s sake.

  17. The fourth circle of hell is greed, so that does fit.

  18. The first time I saw a 4thMeal poster posted in the windows of a TBell I was passing by, I was amazed at the blatancy of the concept. Your essay said everything that ran through my head as I shook it in disbelief.

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