In The Manner of a Great English Manor

I posted earlier about our purchase of a foreclosed home at the sheriff’s auction. Well we have finally been given access and had a look around. Even a cursory examination reveals that we are not dealing with a simple suburban tract home. No, this is a structure more akin to a great house in the English countryside. And as every venerable and noble estate deserves a proper name, I would like to present to the world….



I don’t plan to be seeing much of this room once the staff is hired, but it will clearly suffice for the preparation of the sumptuous feasts befitting the dignitaries and cultural icons we will inevitably be hosting:


Quarters in The East Wing:


And of course, what estate would be complete without a Grand Ballroom:


Oh, fair Collingwolde. The name itself brings the aroma of roast lamb and brandy to the nose, a lightness to the heart, a tingle to the nether regions. Collingwolde. A gracious home in the manner of a fine manor. Stoke the hearth fire, pour the sherry, diddle the maidservants…Collingwolde is born.

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  1. Will you be hosting a cotillion soon?

  2. Good Madame, we would be proud to present the young ladies to society. What a fine idea. Collingwolde: a young woman’s launching pad to kepthood. Huzzah!

  3. As your attorney, I advise you to do the diddling out of range of the camera.

  4. Probably prudent.

  5. Ahh.. Collingwolde. I remember when it was part of the Penobscott holdings. They were such fine hosts until that bit of trouble with their estates in Africa after the Boer War. I do wish you and Hatbox all the best with your new Manor in the manner…

    And In Regards to You Most Recent Posting
    I Shall Quote the Sage
    You Gotta Live Life
    or Life’s Gonna Live You.

    -One Relucant to Countenance Pronouncements of Sentiments Regarding the Cuddling Of Bunnies

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