When A Sunday’s Just A day

When your existence is completely unstructured, weekends lose their snap. Then again Mondays are just another day too. A wash. The life unplugged is amorphous. When are you done? When do you start? Do you get a day off? Do you get a day on?

I can’t pretend that this transition is easy. Graduate school was my last shot at a regimented course of action. Now it’s a matter of slapping enough things together to stay afloat. We bought a house, but we can’t even get in to see it until we close on it. Hatbox Louie favors breaking in, but inexplicably, I of the supremely larcenous spirit, cannot stomach the idea.

I have no problem with breaking laws, but getting caught seems unpleasant. So we wait. I have always crawled back to medicine in these situations, but I am determined not to this time. But just as my confidence flags, I get an email from a medical project in Belize that needs a doctor. It’s from a database I put myself into 3 or 4 years ago. What timing. I definitely had a moment of consideration. Luckily, I discovered that the organization is faith-based. Basically Dr. Nostrum repellent. No can do.

So we press forward. Feels just like a Sunday.

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