Head ‘Em Up And Move ‘Em Out. Time To Punch The Doggies

When you’re running a worm ranch, life is not easy. You’re up before first light–to pee. Then a few more hours of sleep and some coffee. Then there’s meal planning. A nice salad, perhaps a ratatouille. Something that leaves a good bit of green trimmings to feed the hungry wrigglers. Then there’s paper to shred for bedding, etc. etc. Obviously you can’t make it in this business without tremendous passion. You gotta have the drive to get you through the long days. And in 3 months these proud beasts should have turned the paper and kitchen waste into high quality castings–a great fertilizer. It’s a license to print money.

So this Red Wriggler vermiculture business needs a name. The brainstorming has begun:

–American Wrigolo
–Vermi Vidi Vici
–The Casting Couch
–The Guano Gaucho
–The Worm Wrangler

And of course, a good motto:

–Garbage…It isn’t just for breakfast anymore.
–Guano, you know you wanno.
–A worm is a great thing–to waste.
–Let’s go com-postal.
–Worms…The new black.
–WWWD? What would worm doo?
–You are headed to Hell for ruining the Earth. Give us some money and beat the rap.

Well, I gotta call the vet. These beauties need their shots. Adios.

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  1. All hella good. You’ve thought of all the good ones!

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