The Worst Gift Since Zyklon-B?

This is a lamp. The bulb is in the fish’s mouth. The fish is a ram’s horn. Is it the worst thing ever? The plague was bad. Keanu Reeves is bad. But this is too bad to be true.


It was given to a friend after a teaching stint overseas. It is heavy and delicate. It had to be transported from Argentina. Is it really a gift? Or is it the worst burden one human could foist upon another in the name of giftdom?

My God how different we all are. One human brain–presumably similar in most respects to all of ours–conceived of, created, and thought highly enough of this unbearable schlock to give it to someone they liked. And one who was about to travel thousands of miles on a plane. With children.

The human experiment is a rattling boxcar hurtling toward a very questionable future. Sometimes life provides a glimpse into the prodigious inanity that keeps the trip from being a bit smoother. Feh!

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  1. Great bad gift! I’d love to add this to my site where I catalog gifts you COULD live without (

    Let me know if you’d be o.k. with me adding this wonderful specimen to my site. 🙂

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