LIVE FROM OHIO!–The Traveling Medicine Show is back online (For what it’s worth.)

The Eagle has landed. Hatbox Louie and I are back in the lower 48. And strange it is. At all of our many life transitions we wash up, at some point, on the shores of Medina, Ohio. Pronounced Med-eye-na, of course, and the second holiest town in Ohio. You go where the friends are, and don’t ask questions.

It makes for an abrupt drop back into American life. We went to check out Cleveland. I know, it’s Cleveland, but just to see. There are some interesting areas, but miles and miles of urban decay. Great though if you’re partial to malt liquor and plywood windows. It is urban death.

The good news is that they have rebuilt. Yes several miles out of town, they have built a new fake city to replace the bombed-out neglected shameful slums of decay. We were in search of Trader Joe’s and found an outdoor mall along faux charming lanes with cutesy street names and lampposts and a fake town square with a hearth fire. It’s a theme park for adults. The theme being—I love Baby Gap and The Cheesecake factory and I want to pretend it’s the NiftyFifties and everything is hunkey dorey. Disturbing and bad.

So we’re thinking about buying a house around here to fix up with our friends and sell while we make more long term plans. Bad market. Please find below a snap of a potential fixer-upper nearby. What do you think? A coat of paint, maybe splash around some potpourri…it could work.


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  1. Welcome back. Yikes! That looks worse than Dorothy’s house after it crash landed in Oz. Gosh, I don’t think you’re in Amsterdam anymore.

  2. How is the ole barn coming along Dr. Nostrum ? Is the fresh Ohio air treating you well ? Have you and Hatbox Louie had much luck with the paint ? Cheers to you, the daring duo!

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