Prague Christmas–A Blue Week For Czech Carp

Christmas in Prague. A very bad place to be a carp. All over the city there are stations set up like this:

Carp Death Station-Mala Strana

People have been lining up every day to pick out a fish, have it cleaned or just killed, or occasionally, stuck in a plastic bag still alive.

Apparently, a carp on Christmas here is like a Turkey on Thanksgiving in the U.S. You just gotta have it. I have been watching the slaughter for days. My morbid curiosity won’t allow me to pass a killing station without watching at least two fish be dispatched, cleaned and filleted. Hatbox Louie stands politely aside.

It all begins when a customer picks out a fish from the tank:

Carp Not Long For This World

The fish guy grabs it with a net, drops it on a scale then, holding it struggling to the board, delivers a quick blow to the head with a wooden club:

A Stunning Blow

The struggling ceases, and the bloodbath begins. These guys don’t even wear gloves. Their hands must be freezing. Off to Amsterdam tomorrow. Ciao, Dr. Nostrum

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