Dispatch From Prague–Slav At First Sight

Well, we barely made it. Our flight was very late leaving Edinburgh, and it took us an hour to get to our departure gate in Paris after arriving. Don’t get me wrong, I love the French to death, but my god, get it together people. The connecting flight itself was so late that we made it anyway. A miracle. I heard Hatbox Louie murmur as we were lifting off, that she felt she barely touched down in Edinburgh.

Now here we are in Prague. So far it’s as if the town was made for walkers. There is so much to gaze at, and every few blocks you come out to a new square filled with stalls of the many Christmas markets. Hot wine around every corner. Stall after stall selling what seems to be the majority of the world’s pig supply. Maybe someone elsewhere can confirm that they are running low on pigs?

Sausages of every color length and design, whole pigs roasting on spits. There are lots of batters being deep fried and dusted. Roasting chestnuts. Hatbox Louie says the entire city smells like bacon.

Perusing the pamphlets from the lobby there seems to be an endless variety of activities. What trip to central Europe would be complete without a visit to the Thai massage, restaurant, and bowling center. A classic combo. I can’t so much as smell pad thai without longing to bowl a few frames. They “welcome you in a original milieu where you certainy need not worry, that will let you from enjoying the exotic atmosphere and reaching maximal relaxation.” The last bit seems rather pointed, no?

So, a beautiful city so far. Even the convenience stores are charming. I think I will look into why there is Hebrew swirling around the head of the Jesus statue on the Charles 4th Bridge. Seems a bit odd. I hardly think it is to emphasize his being Jewish. Never seen that much played up. More soon. Dr. Nostrum

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