I Done Been Taggered

Well, as Connie Chung is my witness, I haven’t been tagged since I was boot high to a bondage queen. My oh my. I feel found. Found and lost at once. And I swear, as the guy that played Schneider on One Day At A Time is my witness, I had no post for today. So I am compelled and pleased to produce 3 sentences of Nicole Krauss’s, The History of Love.

Vamos Bibi! he cried. And yet. No one came.

There it is. Come on, Bibi. Let’s go. You always get dressed at the last minute and make us run late. I can’t stand it. You knew when you married a person who is the adult survivor of an OCD alcoholic, that punctuality would be a thing with me.

Now you push it. You push it always to the last minute. I’ll be expected to host this party, and you’ll descend the stairs dramatically like a well coiffed dowager expecting to light up the room, without lifting a finger to help. And are you just being Bibi? No. Am I so controlling that you must manipulate me, create time pressure in my heart, to make me uncomfortable? Ok. You’re right. I’m compulsive and punctual and anxious, and you are freewheeling and loose and mellow. Fine. You have shown me! You have illuminated me to me!

You know what Bibi? Fuck you. We’re done. I am a nurturing, loving, fascinating person. I’m not going to spend the rest of my life apologizing for who I am. I will find someone who can not tolerate, but appreciate the me of me. You’re on your own. Ciao Bibi. Ciao.

In fairness to Nicole Krauss, I have no idea even what her book is about. Hatbox Louie is reading it, and it was in grabbing distance.

I tag Firefly, Cowgirl Curio, and raincoaster, who was first on the list under the ‘Books’ tag. Sorry or you’re welcome depending on your mood.

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  1. You’re a gracious good sport, Dr. Nostrum. Thanks for playing along. I recently read The History of Love. I hope Hatbox Louie will enjoy it as much as I did.

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