Dispatch From Edinburgh-Dude, Where’s My Sun?

Great news! Hatbox Louie has called off her strike! Yes, it was beginning to look like a general strike was being planned for the day. But some fancy 11th hour negotiating by Dr. Nostrum and the timely reintroducion of the breakfast cupcake (arguably the most important cupcake of the day) averted the disaster.

Well can we really blame Hatbox Louie? Things are a bit bleak here at the moment. The sun rises at 8 and sets at 2. We are beginning to feel the pressure of having to make a life plan. You see, as I mentioned in this post,we are in Edinburgh to take one more stab at plugging into a conventional life. I recently decided to leave medicine–again. The first time was rough as hell.

I have been attending a graduate program at the University of Edinburgh in an effort to see if an academic life is for me. Result? A short list of things not for me follows:

1. An academic life.
2. Please see #1.

And so you see we are at a high latitude with very short days and no plan. I announced to Hatbox Louie today that by leaving my graduate program, I have saved (therefore made) us 20,000 dollars, and that it should count as my contribution for the year. But before I could settle into my well deserved vacation from financial angst, Hatbox Louie parried: She decided not to buy a Porsche, saving us 70,000 dollars. Well played, Hatbox. Well played.

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  1. LOL. I fear escalation. However will you spend all the money you’ve saved. 😉

  2. I think a ticket back to the U.S. would be a start. Perhaps shelter, then a spree at Trader Joe’s. Yes that game can escalate easily, Lear Jets, private Caribbean islands. But I knew I was bested, and coneeded before anything ugly happened.

    Dr. Nostrum

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