What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Part 6

More letters.

November 30

Dear Sister Kreskey,

. . . resume . . . teaching position in the biological sciences should one arise . . . while not Catholic . . . background prepares me ideally . . . Bar Mitzvah . . . Thank you for your consideration.

December 15

Dear Sir,

. . . ad for a loading dock associate . . . keen interest
. . . transportation of goods . . . opportunity . . . Sincerely

December 31

Dear Sir,

. . . ad for a plasma clinic supervisor . . . those compelled to sell . . . precious fluids . . . deserve competent supervision . . . empathy and care . . . one who can join them at the bottom of the barrel . . . Sincerely,

I received, after sending out about thirty letters, exactly two responses. One was a letter of rejection from Sister Kresky which, through some computer error, kept getting sent to me over and over for weeks. Things were very glum around our apartment. It was very grey. I had just about given up the fight. Hatbox Louie, fresh out of her Classics program, was working as a telemarketer. Besides making about seven cents an hour, Hatbox Louie is rather shy and likes talking on the phone to strangers, interrupting their dinner, about as much as cats enjoy inner tubing. At least she had a framework to understand her suffering. Her academic background had prepared her well to recognize one of Dante’s circles of hell. It was time for action. It didn’t matter what–I had to have work.

Pursuing the single positive response from my letter-writing campaign, I found myself walking hesitantly down a thick red stripe on the tarmac of a shipping warehouse. It was a vast open lot with a menacingly dark red pathway meant to keep people from straying as they came to fill out applications for work. It passed through an armed guardhouse, then led me into a building complex. I sat down with the other applicants: basically me, a few illegals, and a bunch of frat boys looking for some extra winter-break beer and rohypnol money.

The manager was young, he was a coolguy, his baseball cap was worn backwards, his goatee was tidy, his wrap-around sunglasses dangled on a green cord from his neck, he felt deeply empowered: “Ok. First off, the way you are going to succeed in this job is to be on time and to follow the workplace safety guidelines.” He flicked on a projector.

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