Dispatch from Edinburgh–A Moratorium On Second Chances

Well, Hatbox Louie and I are in Edinburgh. Yet we are not Scottish nor English nor Welsh. Hatbox Louie writes novels, so she can work anywhere. Would she knowingly choose a place where the Sun rises at 8 AM and sets at 2 PM? A northerly Sun that now, in late fall, can only describe a small arc, and always somewhere off in the distance? Well artists can be quirky, sure. But that is not the answer.

She is here because Dr. Nostrum is here. It is why she was in Wilmington, N.C. and El Cerrito, CA. In Oaxaca, Mexico and Quito, Ecuador. Providence, RI and Baltimore, MD. Peru, Bolivia, Ohio. Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I have slunk in and out of medicine, always trying to leave to reinvent myself as an independent spirit, laughing in the wind, and doing…..? Then each time, tired of drifting at sea, trying desperately to plug back in to make it work. Primary care, part-time, locums, humanitarian medicine. No, no, no.

And Hatbox Louie is dragged all over the world, making the best of things. She’s a trooper. So, one more try at a conventional path–not medicine per se, but solid, respectable, established, clearly set out, and perhaps a vindication of a squandered career–brought us to Edinburgh. But this ain’t it either. Sigh.

Last chance. Last chance to plug back in. Over. No sunlight. An indefinite moratorium on second chances.

Oh, well. Don’t want to sound bleak. We’ll figure it out. We’ve just returned from a beautiful French market that’s traveling through town, and we’re lousy with cheese. How bad could things be?

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  1. I don’t like cheese.


  2. What kind of hamster doesn’t like cheese? It ain’t naitral. Dr. Nostrum

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